Sunday, September 20, 2009

Painted Chairs Project

I haven't updated recently because I have been pretty busy with several DIY home decorating projects. I found these wooden chairs on Craigslist-- $20 for 4! We were in desperate need of matching dining room chairs and not even my budget is so tight that I couldn't spare $20 bucks! Yes, they are a little beat up, but they are very sturdy and %100 real wood. I like the detail on the front legs and the carving at the top. I decided to paint them a nice creamy ivory and reupholster the seat in a light cream colored fabric.
Our dining room is basically the sunroom. I love all the natural light we get in there and decided to keep all the furnishings and fabrics cream and white. The plus to keeping it all white is that decorating the room should be pretty easy. Lots of ivory painted furniture. I started spray painting these this afternoon and decided I was better off painting them. So I switched to paint. Tommorrow I will give them the final coat-all that is left to do is find a fabric for the seats. I am trying to use fabric I already own but I may have to break down and buy something at the fabric store if I don't find what I need in my fabric stash. Stay tuned for the after pictures....

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