Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back from our Honeymoon!

I'm glad to be back!! I have taken a long break from blogging because I have been busy getting married! Brian and I were married at the beginning of May. It was a beautiful wedding and all the planning and saving were worth it!

Now I am excited about getting back to blogging and working on a multitude of exiting home improvement projects! I'm also excited about learning to use my new camera which I bought for the wedding. It's a Canon Rebel Xsi-SLR! My friend, Amy, took pictures of us during the wedding--which helped us a lot. I get the camera back this week. So for now I will show you some pictures of our Honeymoon in Historic Guthrie, OK which I took with my old camera.

This is the Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie, Ok. This Inn hosts Murder Mystery Dinners. It is a magnificent house, however, it looked like their was some renovations going on. We were not able to tour the inside on this visit, but we plan to come back.

These are some of the beautiful historic homes in Guthrie. Unfortunately,I didn't get the best pictures. These are only a couple of houses. We had a great time and loved the peaceful little town.