Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cheap & Easy Topiary!

This is a topiary I made this weekend. I found this great tip on You Tube on how to make a round topiary out of a square block of floral foam. Round floral foams are usually more pricey. You can get rectangular foams for as little as a dollar. I cut the foam all around with a spackle tool to soften all the hard edges. Then I hot glued floral moss all around to add bulk. The rest of the project was all about the roses. First I hot glued the white roses-spacing them all around. I filled the empty spots with the leaves from the rose bushes. Finally, I filled in the empty spots with 7 pink roses. The topiary ball is sitting on top of a wrought iron candle holder which I got from a thrift store. Very nice results for a very reasonable price.

The materials used where foam, moss, 3 artificial rose bushes (7 roses on each)--all from Dollar Tree! The entire project was done for about $5.

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