Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Affordable Plate Hangers

Here is a great Martha Stewart tip for making your own decorative plate hangers. These are cheaper than the storebought ones, and you can whip up them up in a few minutes for any size plates. You will need 18gauge wire--I used jewelery wire purchased at and wire cutters (floral section or jewelery section of Wal-Mart).

First cut two wires the length of the diameter of your plate. Fold one wire in a V at the half-way point and form a loop with the other at the halfway point. Take the wire ends from the loop and twist them around themselves abut 2 to 3 times. Hook the V into the loop and wrap the wire ends around the top and bottom of plate. Make a little hook at the end of each for a more decorative look. You will hang the plate by the loop. After a little practice these are very easy to make!


  1. This is a great idea. I would love a thrifty tip on how to create Plate Hangers like the ones found here - the adhesive type that do not show the wires. Thanks.

  2. Hi, Karen

    Thanks for posting a comment. I am fairly new to blogging and didn't even realize that you had left a comment. I have since changed my settings to prevent that from happening again. I do have an idea for an adhesive plate hanger! I'll try to post on that later today. Again, sorry for the delay on responding. Have a great weekend!