Thursday, August 27, 2009

1 Yard Fabric? Easy Window Valance!

This window valance requires less than 1 yard of fabric and minimal sewing. This is a great way to use beautiful and maybe costly fabric in small amounts. First, measure the length of the rod, measure the return of the curtain rod and add one inch per side for seam allowance. After you hem the bottom of the curtain, measure about 10-13 inches from each side and gather up from the hem up to whatever length you wish. The gathers should be accordian style. After that simply hand sew the gathers and the valance is done!

There are many variations on this type of curtain. This one is stationary--meaning you cannot draw it down--but that is why it so easy to make. You can add ribbon vertically from the gathers or also add a tassel trim along the hem for a more luxe look. I made this simple valance for my bathroom. I may add some bells and whistles later-but for now it works! I took a lot longer thinking about doing it then actually making it.

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