Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Roses on Christmas Tree

This is our 2008 Christmas Tree. I was on a really tight budget so I made all the "ornaments". I decorated this tree with roses, pine cones, cinnammon sticks, cotton for snow, green checkered fabric and some sage colored ribbon. I really liked how it turned out. By the way, sorry about the picture quality. I didn't know as much about camera lighting when I took this picture last year so you can't really see much detail on the tree.

I'll be sure to update with pictures of this year's tree and Christmas decorations. We put up our tree a couple of days after ThanksGiving. Unfortunately, I had to interrupt decorating our tree this year so that I could re-train our two cats to leave it alone! We have successfully retrained them by using the spray bottle--they hate that! It only took a couple of days for them to get the message that the tree is off-limits. Stay tuned for more Christmas images...

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