Sunday, October 11, 2009

DIY Fall Topiaries

Ta da!! Here is my most recent project. I made these fall topiaries a few weeks ago, I just hadn't had time to take pictures. These artifical floral topiaries are almost 4 feet tall. Each topiary only cost around $10 in materials! Not bad cost for the size.
I permanently attached the green roses but made the sunflowers and fall leaves removable. I will probably switch these with red roses, pine cones and berries for the Holidays. The bows can also easily be switched out according to the seasons.
I purchased most of the materials at the Dollar Tree except for the sunflowers and fall leaves which I purchased at Michael's. Making the base for a topiary is the most challenging part. It's especially challenging if you are trying to save some money and are trying to recycle materials like I did. Here are the instructions for the bases I made.
First, I applied a stain to the basket by mixing dark brown acrylic paint with a little bit of red and diluting with water. After it dried, I used a small empty coffee can (11 oz) and placed it in the center of the basket. Then I stuffed grocery paper bags around it to wedge it in place. After that, I hot glued the empty cardboard ribbon spool to the bottom of the can. Then I grabbed the dowel (also painted brown) and applied hot glue to the end and glued it into the spool's pre-existing hole. I wedged more strips of grocery paper bags into the coffee can to stabilize the dowel. The rest was easy. I filled the basket with more crumpled strips of paper sacks until I got about 1/10 from the top. Then I simply hot glued spanish moss on top of that.
That was the hardest part of making these topiaries.
The actual floral ball is easy and fun to make. Simply hot glue moss to a round floral foam and apply the chosen flowers with hot glue or cut the stem to size using wire cutters and stick them into the foam so that they are removable. Here is a simple way to make the cheapest round floral foam out of a $1 square foam. This was a fun project but a bit time consuming. I love that I can change these according to season! I am pretty happy with the results! What do you think?

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